Are you thinking about the above-mentioned term because you are not familiar with it? Let me clear your view about it first because it can be a very helpful instrument for you in the future. And, if you are a singer or a musician, then you must already know the importance of this best audio interface under $500. You can simply say that the audio interface is an ideal tool or an instrument for live studio setups to record their voices. 

And ultimately they can get recognized by their splendid quality of sound. Now you must get to know about the significance of an audio interface in recording your precious voice! Are you also looking for the same sort of gadget for you to initiate your career with it? If you are searching for some of high-end audio interface gadgets availability, then you are currently here at the right place. It is because in this article you will go through some of the best audio interface under $500 that are worthy, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

And you don’t need to gather a big amount for buying your favourite audio interface. Moreover, these gadgets will do a perfect job for you. You would love to buy one of them for your music sessions due to the sturdy structure and top-notch in-built mechanisms. Get ready to go through some of the keenly checked and selected best audio interfaces under $500!

Quick Shopping Tips to the Best Audio Interface Under $500

It’s a busy routine everywhere today. For sure you would not prefer to waste your time reading long blogs or articles about how to check for the best audio interface under $500 while shopping it. But it is as crucial to know for you as buying a worthy audio interface instrument. 

Hence we brought here some quick tips and an instant buying guide for you. You can go through it in detail or just check the features that you didn’t know before! And eventually, you can buy a perfect audio interface for you that can meet the criteria of your requirements:    

Know your requirements

If this feature confuses you, then you are not wrong. But let me clarify the significance of it and then you will agree with the stance and get it right. Your home studio setup is your own choice to do something big and extraordinary, right? Then why you should compromise on any audio interface having an average quality and normal functionality vibes! 

You need to pick the best one for you. And for that purpose, you need to know the essential features need in your gadget. Keep in a notice that there are a tremendous number of audio devices in the market. But the difference in them is only dependent on their quality and work amount they can tackle. Hence consider your requirements first and then prefer to buy the one that suits these wants in the best manner.    

Connection Sort

There is a highly advanced and modernised technology these days and so are the specs of it. Today singers don’t need to setup their voices in high-end tone to make them flawless. But an audio interface can assist them in this regard exceptionally. These audio interfaces have a distinguished engineering method in them to boost the voice. And let your software recognize it efficiently. Some of the connectivity protocols are there that you need to follow while buying the best audio interfaces under $500 for you.  

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As its name shows, it has thunder aspects and hence it is one of the fastest and most speedy bolts to consider for your system. Most of the singers prefer it due to its fast signal-catching capability. You can find it easily in Mac machines. An efficient data transfer rate is not a big deal these days when you have a thunderbolt sort of mechanism!  

Inputs & Outputs

When you explore market with a target of buying an audio interface in the budget of $500, you will find a wide variety of its input/output devices as well. It is possible that your preferred gadget has headphone output, mic input, line input, and much more. But you should prefer the instrument having an input/output system of your convenience. It is because sometimes you would love to work with headphones, but many times you don’t need this accessory! Choose smartly. 


FireWire is found in MAC systems and it has high-end data transformation capacity to encourage signal receiving and sending at the maximum possible rate! For PC, you can avail yourself of this slot card too! You just need to install an expansion card and here you go! 


In modern computer machines, USB port is of 2.0 or 3.0 version. Hence you don’t need to check its USB port capability if one specifies it the most! You just need to ensure that if it is of the same capacity mentioned above. And then after confirming, you can go with the system of your preference. 

5 Best Audio Interface Under $500

ImageNameCheck Price
Behringer Audio Interface (Our Top Pick)

☑ Voice Recording
☑ Ultra-compact
☑ 48kHz Precision
Check Prize on Amazon
Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface Solo 3rd Gen

☑ Simple Recording Phenomena
☑ Clear Sound Catching
☑ Compact Audio Interface
Check Prize on Amazon
PreSonus AudioBox Audio Interface

☑ 2 Splendid Mic Preamps
☑ 96 kHz Recording
☑ USB 2.0
Check Prize on Amazon
Universal Audio Interface

☑ 48V Phantom Power
☑ MIDI Connectivity
☑ Classic Sound Clearance
Check Prize on Amazon
M-Audio Air|Hub Audio Interface

☑ 2 Balanced 1/4
☑ Compact Size
☑ Highly Portable
Check Prize on Amazon

1. Behringer Audio Interface- 1 Channel Audio Interface

Check Price on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Great sound with great vocals quality
  • Powered by Xenyx Mic Preamp
  • Simple setup to use it easily 
  • Ultra-compact gadget with 48kHz precision 
  • Voice recording is top-notch 
  • Light in weight and a small one 

Do you want to enjoy the best audio interface for your youtube videos, podcasting, or singing capabilities demonstration? And do you also wish for saving up a couple of extra dollars while purchasing it? For sure, then you are going through the right article! And the product here is of your interest too. Now you can get a high-end audio interface by Behringer, UM2 by spending a small amount of money. Let’s dive into the details of this amazing gadget. 

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There are many input options for it including XLR, etc. Then you can see 2 lights to ensure audio picking up via microphone. Then there is a versatile sort of mechanism in it to give you exceptional functionality. You can enjoy smooth and flawless sound connectivity with this gadget. It has a significant light to let you know if the signal is so high and distorting. And you can fix it ultimately by red signal.


  • Sensitivity is very efficient  
  • Not much noise creation 
  • Ideal for podcasting 


  • Unavailability of distinct knobs for monitor/headphones, etc. 
  • USB tackling can be tricky to some extent 

2. Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface Solo 3rd Gen

Check Price on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Solid interface with excellent drivers 
  • Great plugs and input devices to record
  • Can easily bear a heavy workload 
  • Simple recording phenomena 
  • Crystal clear sound catching 
  • Compact audio interface 

Are you searching for a low-latency, splendid convertible option, & a cost-effective audio interface? Then your search is ended here due to all of these functionalities in one gadget. And yes, you guessed it right! It is the one about which you are currently reading. It has a very good interface with genuine capability of drivers and high-end sound productivity. 

You can enjoy the best music or any voice recording accomplished via using this instrument. A USB 2.0 cable with type-c cable helps you in plugging in various sorts of cables of yours want. It is supported by MAC and PC. It is a small but powerful and impactful device and it will cover all the range that you would utilise in sound production and conversion. Consider it if you want a compact, smart, and highly functional audio interface!   


  • Cheap audio interface 
  • Exceptional quality 
  • Worthy to consider 


  • Recorded sound can be problematic when you use headphone jack with it
  • Many software installations are accomplished and you need to get familiar with all 

3. PreSonus AudioBox Audio Interface- PreSonus AudioBox USB 96

Check Price on Amazon

Key Features:

  • 2 splendid mic preamps 
  • Ensure generation of quality sound 
  • Not so big
  • Portable and ready to travel 
  • Auspicious recording software included 
  • USB 2.0, 96 kHz recording, & MIDI I/O 
  • Clear music production is guaranteed 

It is an easy-to-use and highly affordable option when it comes to the best audio interface under $500. You can consider it as a priority if you need a quick-to-setup audio interface and enjoy the premium-quality sound. It works magnificently and provides you with the desired results. You can accomplish all important stuff regarding voice recording via using it for music, zoom calls, podcast, etc.   

Moreover, it is a handy gadget to put in your laptop bag and carry it along with you anywhere you want. It is a smart and highly technical gadget to support good sound production and efficient signal catching ability. Are you ready to buy such an extraordinary audio interface for you at such a budget-friendly price?


  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Flawless monitoring power 
  • Efficient built-in mechanism and highly affordable 


  • You need to compromise a little bit with the audio level
  • Audio output disappears after a certain time limit 

4. Universal Audio Interface- Universal Audio Volt 1 USB Audio Interface

Check Price on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Tackle easily live music streaming, podcasts, and much more 
  • Supported by PC and MAC 
  • 48V phantom power & MIDI connectivity 
  • Classic sound clearance 
  • The exceptional quality of the analog compressor 
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It is a valuable audio interface for under $500. And you should prefer it for versatile options of sound production by considering perfection in various niches. It accomplishes a great job in recording sound by catching it from different angles. It is clean, precise, and highly accurate. 

You don’t need to undergo any sort of technical implementation after buying this. It is very easy to tackle and perform the job instantly and rightly. In a nutshell, you should buy this audio interface if you need a quick solution. And you need to record your voice with some advanced voice recording interfaces. 


  • 2-in/2-out recording interface for versatility 
  • Pro sound level 
  • Easy in usage 


  • USB cable length is somehow short
  • Edges are not crystal-clear and there is some sort of vagueness 

5. M-Audio Air|Hub Audio Interface- Air Audio Interface

Check Price on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Highly portable 
  • Compact in size 
  • 2 balanced 1/4 –inch TRS outputs in audibility 
  • Sleek design with all-metal material 
  • Premium-quality software suite included 

Are you a musician, a producer, a podcaster, or a YouTuber? If yes, then this gadget is a must-have for you to lessen the burden and ease your workload. It will accomplish your job excellently. And then ultimately it gives you the output more than what you expected.

Buy it today to make faster and clearer sound recordings tomorrow! You will not regret your decision of buying it because it is a budget-friendly device. Moreover, you don’t need to save a bulk of money prior while purchasing this. There is a fast and perfect button in it to control volume that makes it captivating. The design is modish and the functionality is perfect too. Prefer it if you want an outstanding audio interface!


  • Space-saving 
  • An ideal unit 
  • 3 USB inputs 


  • USB-C gets slower as time passes
  • The audio jack is not useful to the maximum extent 

Audio Interface Setup for Beginners


Buying an audio interface is not a very tough task to do. But to follow your exact requirements and then get the one by having all these in it is a job of excellence and admiration! Hence this article helps you to get the knowledge of an audio interface. And here the specs that you need to consider before purchasing the best item for you in audio technicality handling are also provided keenly. Go with all of the above-mentioned features and then check out the latest products here! It is because this blog is a one-stop-shop for deciding about your audio interface and getting it right away! Go through an entire blog to get expertise in an audio interface and then tap on the best product that fits your interests in the best manner!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Mention some of the best audio interfaces under $500?

Some of the best audio interfaces under $500 are depicted below (as you can check their specs above in detail and buy the one that suits you):

  • Behringer Audio Interface- 1 Channel Audio Interface
  • PreSonus AudioBox Audio Interface- PreSonus AudioBox USB 96
  • Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface- Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen
  • Universal Audio Interface- Universal Audio Volt 1 USB Audio Interface
  • M-Audio Air|Hub Audio Interface- Air Audio Interface

Q. Is it necessary to check for the quality of the audio interface before using it?

Yes, it is highly recommended to check an audio interface before using it for recording audio. It has various factors to consider that are mentioned in buying guide. Moreover, the high-quality audio interface can produce good and clear sound and vice versa. 

Q. Is it possible to connect a DAC with an audio interface?

You can use an audio interface as a DAC too. It has a built-in DAC as normally other devices have also. Rather, it will enhance the sound quality of your instrument. 

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