Are you looking for a handy tablet to perform your various tasks on it? No worries at all! We are here to guide you about that sort of specific best 7-inch tablet under 100$. We have filtered out the amazing products without bothering your budget. You don’t need to break the bank for buying the tablet. In the market, there are multitudinous tablets everywhere which are too pricey. But, we will brief you about economical and affordable tablets with the best quality and exciting features.

Buy Best 7 Inch Tablet Under 100$

Keep in notice one thing that a tablet cannot be an alternative to the laptop. Specifically, when you are a student or a job person, then it is cleared that a laptop is crucial. But for fulfilling your casual tasks via some sort of handy gadget, then there is no better choice than the tablets. These are portable, lighter in weight & give a very modish look. We are going to display your dream tablet in reality in front of you.

Top 5 Best 7 Inch Tablet Under 100$

ImageNameCheck Price
Fire 7 tablet with alexa price (Our Top Pick)

☑ 16 GB Internal Storage
☑ Create Screen Time Limits
☑ Set Educational Goals
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Ematic Fun Tab- Ematic Tablet

☑ 8GB Storage Capacity
☑ Resolution is 800 x 480
☑ Android Operating System
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Voyager Android Marshmallow- RCA voyager table

☑ 16 GB Ram
☑ 1.2 GHz Processor
☑ Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
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Grewtech Quad Core Tablet (Pink)

☑ 8 GB Memory Storage
☑ 7’’ Screen Size
☑ Android 4.4 OS
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Dragon touch 7 inch Tablet Express

☑ 4GB Ram
☑ 4GB Hard Drive
☑ 7’’ Screen Display
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1. Fire 7 tablet with alexa price (Our Top Pick)

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Key Features:

  • 16 GB internal storage capacity
  • Up to 7 hours of browsing
  • Create screen time limits
  • Set educational goals
  • Filter content for children with easy parent access

It is an amazing gadget with 16 GB storage capacity in it to get more data in safely. You can use it straight for 7 hours once it is fully charged. It limits your screen time and makes you able to do a lot more stuff. It has various reminders to direct you to studies. Hence, for kids, it is very helpful. Nowadays, filtered-out content for children is hardly available for children. It has a tremendous of that content with easy to access criteria for parents.
Following you-tube video can help you a lot in understanding the tablet functions more appropriately:

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  • A kid-proof case with a built-in stand
  • 2-year stress less guarantee
  • Various advanced apps of educational content


  • Spending time is much more

2. Ematic Fun Tab- Ematic TabletEmatic Fun Tab- Ematic Tablet

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Key Features:

  • High-performance CPU
  • 1GB ram memory
  • Assembled weight of the product is 0.815oz
  • Resolution is 800 x 480
  • Android Operating System
  • 8GB is the storage capacity

The ematic fun tab is one of the best 7-inch tablet under 100$. It has a fast performance processor with advanced technical aspects. The entire weight is 0.815oz which is showing clearly that it is very light in weight and ultimately it is easy to carry. Resolution is also appropriate. Android OS demonstrates the proper working phenomena of the tablet without any hindrance. Its storage capability depicts the cool stuff to keep which is significant. Isn’t it seem to be cool to buy it?


  • High speed and efficiency
  • Battery life 2-3 hours
  • Safety mode for kids


  • Cannot return by mail

3. Voyager Android Marshmallow- RCA voyager table

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Key Features:

  • Screen display size is 7.1’’
  • 16 GB ram with 1.2 GHz processor
  • Weight is 13.4 ounces
  • Android 6.0 marshmallow OS
  • The average battery life is 4 hours

Its specifications are 16 GB ram which means it has an efficient ram technology and a 1.2 GHz intel-atom processor which makes it attractive. The well-systematic approach of the operating system goes very well with it. The weight of this tablet is not that much and it is light in weight. The battery life is 4 hours when it is completely charged but it can be verily down due to not charging it properly. Hence, charge it up fully to get all the exciting stuff done on it.


  • Good for 100$ price


  • Battery sometimes drains to zero

4. Grewtech Quad Core Tablet (Pink)

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Key Features:

  • Android 4.4 OS
  • 7’’ screen size
  • 8 GB memory storage
  • The dual camera is provided
  • Quad in core with superb speed
  • High in performance
  • Outstanding processing platform

Grewtech quad-core gadget is the best 7-inch tablet under 100$. Due to its specs and enticing features, it is ruling the game. Its operating system is android version 4.4 which has an amazing capability to function properly. Its screen size of the display is 7 inches. The best part is that a dual camera is available to give it more worth in 100$. Memory can be stored in it up to 8 GB. Its performance capability is set to be high by adding more superb and amazing features. The best quality processors are inserted in it.


  • Blio e-book store
  • Office suite
  • Feel free to download more and more apps


  • Not specified

5. Dragon touch 7 inch Tablet Express

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Key Features:

  • 7’’ standing screen display size
  • 4GB storage for memory
  • 4GB hard drive
  • The touchscreen is sensitive optimally
  • Voice recognition
  • Google play app already installed
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The specifications are quite impressive. An amazing storage memory to cater to large files, as well as more data, is a magnificent feature. A hard drive of 4GB in 100$ is actually an exciting feature. The optimum sensitivity of the touch screen makes it more attractive to make a purchase now. It has various aspects of technical points like speech recognition which matters the most these days. Moreover, an app store is already there to take the orders from you and work accordingly.


  • App downloading is fast comparatively
  • Handy to grip firmly
  • Easy to use


  • Written directions are confusing a little bit
  • GPS is slow

A Buying Guide for the Best 7 Inch Tablet Under 100$

At first, you must know some certain factors to note before purchasing the tablet. When I bought the one, I considered the below-mentioned aspects too, and then those features assisted me a lot while the efficiency and maintenance of that tablet. Following are the elating key facts regarding the best 7-inch tablet under 100$.

Display size measurement:

The display size is a crucial factor to consider of any gadget. It will decide that how easily you’ll hold this device in your hands. The tablet size must be within the range of 7-12 inches to pick this up comfortably. The 7-inch screen has been reviewed by many tablet customers that it is handy and easy to tackle. It is significant to watch the display size feature earlier to get ease later.


The performance of the tablet is directed by its ram. High-level or mid-level range of performance capability is checked by the standardized GB’s of the ram. 1 GB and 1.5 GB is the approachable ram in 100$ tablet. It is quite enough for its working. You must inspect the perfect CPU for the efficient and speedy working of the ram.


The most suitable combination of ram and processor will yield more effective results. You have to pay more attention to an excellent processor capable of a well-organized working orientation. The optimal processor range is 1.2 GHz, 1.3 GHz & 1.4GHz. It goes very well with the suitable ram.


The basic usage of the tablet is to use it anywhere and anytime you want. It is only possible when its battery is efficiently chargeable and durable for a longer time. You can’t stand with the wall for its charging all the time. It is a crucial factor to know about its battery condition earlier so that there’s no problem after buying it. The battery life should be between 5-10 hours and the lifetime should be 3 years.

Internal storage:

The storage space is just like the container in your home to carry more things sophisticatedly. Surely, the storage space plays a vital role in data-keeping and using without any worry. The performance of the tablet is directly dependent on the storage capacity to organize the data files in a suitable manner. At least, 1-2 highly space-occupying files should be capable of getting stored on your tablet.

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If you’re a resolution lover, then you have to check this factor more carefully to get the best 7-inch tablet under 100$. In some tablets, this feature is enhanced to the maximum extent via power betterment to make the entire visual effects clearer and splendid. But in some of these gadgets, the resolution is not fixed appropriately. You shouldn’t prioritize those if you love the high resolution. 1024*600 is the optimal resolution figure for tablet devices.


It evaluates the speedy working of the tablet. The greater efficiency of the tablet’s touching screen depicts a quick response of your task performance on it. It is adjusted already to the default one, but you can change it whenever you want via visiting the settings panel on the tablet.


Visit all the above-mentioned tablets to pick the coolest tablet for you. The best 7-inch tablet under 100$ is the one that should have a high battery performance with an impressive ram and processor. Moreover, various other factors are illustrated in the article.

Kindly check them out to get more clarity about your product and its usage. Try to get the one with which all the basic stuff like a charger & a USB cable must be provided. Otherwise, you have to buy it and it will spend more time on this all. Be careful while making a purchase and grab the best one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best 7-inch tablet under 100$?
Ematic Fun Tab- Ematic Tablet
Dragon touch Tablet Express- Dragon touch tablet 7 inch
Fire 7 Tablet- Fire 7 tablet with Alexa price
Voyager Android Marshmallow- RCA voyager tablet
Grewtech Quad Core Tablet- Grewtech quad core tablet price
Q. Is a 7-inch tablet big enough to operate easily?
It is conveniently portable, handy, and light in weight. Specifically, it is designed for kids to use it anywhere easily. Moreover, e-books can be easily studied over it & it is easy to watch movies on a 7’’ tablet.
Q. Can I zoom on my tablet?
It is the most provided feature in various operating systems. You can easily get connected to your loved ones via zoom through the tablet.
Q. How many GB’s are required for the appropriate working of the tablet?
It depends on the other features too but specifically 16 GB of memory work in a more useful manner to keep the data in the record and safe for you.
Q. What is the good processor speed for a tablet?
It is up to 3.5 GHz till 4GHz. It is generally considered to be the best speed which works efficiently & multi-tasking can be done if a tablet has this speed.
Q. What makes a tablet run faster?
For the sake of better working speed, you have to uninstall unnecessary apps that are not required anymore. Clear the app caches frequently to make its memory free to allocate the space for the new upcoming stuff efficiently.
Q. What makes a tablet speedy in working and slow in working?
It generally depends on the inner features of the tablet which includes an operating system, memory storage space. The up-gradation of these features is required from time to time to make it is functioning better and keep it in trend all the time.

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