If you’re excited to attempt autoflowering but are concerned about selecting the finest grow lights. Then you will be glad to know that you are exactly at the right place. You will prefer this sort of flowering due to its fast completion life cycle. However, for strategic processing, it is necessary to make a correct selection of the finest grow lights for autoflowering.

When growing autoflowering plants, it is important to replicate the natural environment in which the plants are grown informally. There is a variety of grow lights for growing these plants. But regarding their efficiency, we will choose the optimal and best of them delivering more results.

Top 5 Best Grow Lights for Autoflowering

The top demanding and best grow lights for autoflowering are demonstrated below. Check them out to pick the best one for fulfilling your required needs. Portable lights are most preferred these days.

1. Platinum LED Grow Light- Platinum LED p450

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Key Features

  • Highest lumen output/watt
  • Advanced aluminum cooling heat sinks
  • Superior full-spectrum light
  • Perfect for compact applications
  • Highly reliable warranty
  • High speed whisper quiet fans

The output is highly efficient and it is measured in PAR’s (not in lumens). Upgraded mechanisms are applied to enhance the productivity of the autoflowering flowers. The spectrum of light is developed featuring the highest PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) per watt of any sort of LED grow light. The light emitted is beautiful and gives a soothing feel to the environment. It is highly utilized by various folks and they reviewed it in good words. Go and grab your best LED grow light now!


  • No noise creation
  • Efficient spectral output
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Efficient technical phenomena


  • Costly to some extent

2. Seveka LED Grow Light- Seveka LED Grow Light price

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Key Features

  • No overly heated system
  • Economical with best quality assurance
  • Twice as bright as other lights
  • Well-built unit
  • Plants respond well
  • Sustainable light spectrum
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It is a solid purchase to make due to efficient light spectrum throughput. The light is brighter as compared to other LED lights. It is easy to maintain the system and the response of the plants is amazing towards this product. It is a multi-purpose LED light that is well organized, saves power, and gives an excellent output. The premium quality Samsung diodes LM301B are applied to it. Thermal conductivity and heat dissipation are superb.


  • Efficient light spectrum
  • Save on power bills
  • Easy connection is possible


  • No cons have been detected

3. WYZM LED Grow Light- WYZM Led Panel Light

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Key Features

  • Closely vibrant to sunlight
  • Noise is absorbed efficiently
  • Waterproof LED grow light
  • Safe to use
  • Energy saver
  • Production quality is enhanced

These LED grow lights for autoflowering are efficient in task performance. The LED chips perform better due to systematic light penetration. Traditional parts have been modified to reduce the consumption of electricity and ultimately it saves power. It has the power of 50 watts entirely. It is ideal for greenhouse, plant factory, plant tent and, indoor planting. This is highly productive to yield more superb results via the reduction of various electric and power utilization.


  • Easy to operate
  • The efficiency rate is maximum
  • Technical aspects prevent any disturbance
  • A reasonable amount of electricity is consumed


  • No cons are specified

4. Dimgogo LED Grow Light- Dimgogo 1000W Review

Dimgogo GO-1000 LED Grow Lights 2x2ft Coverage Full Spectrum Grow Lamp with LM301B LEDs and MeanWell Driver for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Seeding Veg and Bloom Greenhouse Growing Light

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Key Features:

  • Supplies everything a plant requires essentially
  • Well organized energy saving
  • Easy to utilize
  • Enhanced yield and productivity
  • Penetrates completely in every direction
  • Size is decent for autoflowering

The fast and quick growth of plants is noticed by using Dimgogo best grow light for autoflowering. It consumes only 100w with 216 LED’s which is impressive. This factor ensures the good quality of the product. It is easily plugged in without any technical difficulty once it is out of the box. Size is suitable to cater plants efficiently and it increases the throughput. It is light in weight and easy to hang.


  • Ready to use once opened
  • No noisy output
  • Efficient & phenomenal technology
  • No technical requirements


  • Light measurement is doubt for 2k watt light

5. Fregenbo LED Plant Grow Light- Plant Grow Light Kit

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Key Features

  • Auto on/off mode
  • Impressive ability to get install easily
  • Brightness is optimise
  • Flexible extender cords
  • Sticky 2 sided tape for better adhesion
  • Excellent heat dissipation

It is a professional grow light that is made of aluminum material. It works very well for indoor plants, plant grow shelves, green houses, hydroponic rooms, etc. 4 adjustable light settings make it more advanced. Moreover, dual-channel support is also accompanied. Installation is not a big issue and it is so easy. Performance capability is incredible with a 6 pcs light bar vibrant than other LED grow lights. Once you need to set it up and then it will function automatically.


  • Easy to adapt your growing vision
  • Price is economical
  • Plants respond well to it
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Auto controlled system


  • No cons

A Buying Guide for the Best Autoflowering Grow Lights

Many factors should be considered for purchasing an autoflowering grow light. In most cases, the optimum light required for autofloweing is 18-24 light hours per day. It is stated from 2fast4buds directly. But in actual it is needed accordingly to the requirements of every individual plant. It highly depends upon the growing cycle of a certain flowering plant. Following are the factors you must consider before purchasing grow light for autoflowering.

Climatic concerns

  • Evaluate the climatic conditions of the place where you live. It will assist you in deciding on picking the most suitable and optimal autoflowering light.
  • People living in hot areas don’t require to power on the light in the daytime. For this purpose, 12/12 grow light is best which will not excessively heat up your entire growing system. It’ll save energy too.

Price factor

  • Use the lights which will give you enhanced throughput by staying in your price range.
  • Don’t rest for less quality but also you shouldn’t pay more for an inessential factor. Contemplate wisely before buying it to save your efforts instead of regretting later!

High yielding auto light

  • All auto flowers will vary according to their light requirements. Be very sure about this factor to gain impressive results.
  • The auto grow light which gives an efficient yield is not selected by the price range.
  • It can be selected by detecting the accurate and desired light by measuring its power (in watts) and working efficiency and timings.
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Support plant structure

  • Prefer the light which highly supports the plant structure to maintain and sustain itself.
  • It should not cause any damage to the plant via its intense light potency.

There is a video tutorial for you guys to take a deep conceptual and visual demonstration regarding it too.


The best grow lights for autoflowering are illustrate above properly. It’s time to select from them to grab the best one that fits your interest in a superb manner. The best part is that you can control these lights according to your requirements. The light spectrum can be dim or sharp. Various phenomenal aspects make them more alluring and decent to purchase lights. Pick the best one after getting through all of them wisely.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q. What are the best grow lights for autoflowering?

  • Platinum LED Grow Light- Platinum LED p450
  • Seveka LED Grow Light- Seveka LED Grow Light price
  • WYZM LED Grow Light- WYZM Led Panel Light
  • Dimgogo LED Grow Light- Dimgogo 1000W Review
  • Fregenbo LED Plant Grow Light- Plant Grow Light Kit

Q. What light should I avail for autoflowering plants?

The best light for autoflowering plants is the one that has an efficient spectrum of light. Generally, LEDs are best for autoflowering.

Q. How many watts does an autoflower require?

You require at least 100, preferably 150 or more, actual watts per plant in cfls. It is the optimum range of watts need by the technique of autoflower.

Q. How many hours of light are need by an autoflowering plant?

Almost 18 hours is the optimum time span of the light require by the autoflowring plants for their best growth.

Q. Is it possible to make autoflowers grow rapidly?

Make the growing environment airy as much as possible so the plants get better nourishment and hence ultimately they grow faster.

Q. Is excessive light harmful to the autoflowers?

It doesn’t harm flowers. It will neither hinder the yield of autoflowers nor enhance it. But, it will consume more power and energy which increases your cost. Hence, it is not a preferable and adaptive phenomenon.

Q. Are autoflowers have less potency?

The older ones were less potent. Now it is an advanced form of autoflowers that is enough strengthened as all the normal photoperiod strains. Instead, they have more advantages to photoperiod strains.

Q. Are autoflowers harder to grow?

No, these are easy to grow. They grow more quickly than indica and sativa strains. Their time period for growth is approximately 30 days or a few months.

Q. Do they get double in size while the growth period?

It will not grow suddenly and take its proper time to grow fully. But surprisingly, when it grows it literally doubles in the actual size like photos do during flowering.

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